Coach Training

ICF accredited Coach Specific Training Hours Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills

I have been leading and delivering this Certificate programme for Coaching Development Ltd, UK for the past 10 years.

This training will enable you to gain a recognised professional qualification as a coach on an ICF accredited Professional Coaching Skills programme. You will develop the attitude skills and key competencies of an effective professional coach on an established, in-depth and highly experiential course.

I am a Master Certified Coach with have extensive business and organisational experience and have a lead mentor and mentor team who support me and you on your learning journey.

Our purpose is not simply to provide you with a toolkit of powerful techniques and processes. Techniques have their place and can be useful in moving us forward in various ways, but the point for us is that essentially it will be you, as a coach, who develops.

As you develop your self-awareness you will become more able to ‘get out of your own way’, and out of the way of your Clients. You will become able to listen and question more deeply and accurately, be more aware of your perceptions, insights and intuitions, and become more skilled in communicating simply, honestly and effectively.

We are passionate about the development of coaching as a profession, and committed to the pursuit of excellence based on clear ethical standards, thorough training and continuing professional development.

We have designed a stimulating, demanding and enjoyable course that will bring out and develop your own inherent knowledge and abilities. We think you will find this a deeply fulfilling journey.

Learning Events For Coaches

I will be offering four learning events throughout the year for coaches to attend Some of these events will offer Continuing Coach Education Units with the International Coach Federation

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