What supervision means to me and why coaches need supervision?

I believe supervision provides coaches with access to a mutual learner who can partner them in their learning; an experienced coach who is committed to their own professional development with the capacity to assist them to expand their competence and help them to be credible, professional and ethical in their practice as coaches.

A definition of supervision that I work to comes from Hawkins & Smith (2007) “The process by which a coach, with the help of a supervisor, who is not working directly with the client, can attend to understanding better both the client system and themselves as part of the coach/client system and transform their work.”

My supervision process

R – Relationship building and contracting for the work

E – Exploring, different perspectives, dynamics, insight and development of practice

F – Freedom and support to learn and grow

L – Learning – new theory, current thinking in the field, tools, models, books, resources

E – Ethics, professional standards, protection of coach, client and system

C – Celebrating, confidence and competence

T – Taking actions that will positively impact coaching practice and the coaching profession

My supervisory work is with coaches either 1:1 or in small groups. In working with me as a supervisor you can expect a balance of both support and challenge to enable your professional growth and development as a coach.

Individual or Group:

Individual Sessions: Available on the phone or Zoom every month, 6 weeks or whatever best suits your needs as a coach.

Group Supervision: Available for groups of up to 8 coaches for either internal coaches within organisations or coaches owning their own businesses.

Reflection and preparation for supervision:

I will send a form to enable you to prepare and get the most from your supervision session.

What our clients say

A very safe environment encouraging open and honest exchange and mutual learning

Ailbhe has been my coaching supervisor for a number of years and I genuinely look forward to our sessions which always add real value to my personal development in addition to my coaching practice. Ailbhe takes a wholistic approach and creates a very safe environment encouraging open and honest exchange and mutual learning. I always come away from our sessions with new insights and ideas
Maria Cronin

Wilmount Consulting

An excellent supervisor

Ailbhe is an excellent supervisor. Her ability to uncover the heart of an issue while combining practical resources to move forward makes her sessions very powerful. Her embodied approach and her use of the here and now brings depth and meaning to the quality of her work that leads to lasting results
Colette Cahalane

Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Her supervision has always evoked new learning

‘Ailbhe is the best in the business, professional, kind and empathetic, her supervision has always evoked new learning and greather depth of awareness of my coaching skills and has strengthened my practice.
Róisín Monaghan

Professional Coach & Senior Executive Administrator in University sector (Internal coach)

Very insightful, helpful and challenging in equal measure

I find my supervision sessions with Ailbhe to be invigorating. She has a calm focused approach which adheres to the discipline of strong supervision but also allows the client the freedom to explore the subject matter from a variety of perspectives. She is very insightful, helpful and challenging in equal measure
Paddy Barr

Managing Partner

Barr Performance Coaching

Provides clarity so that the truth of the matter is revealed

I attend group supervision with Ailbhe where I valued the opportunity to bring any concerns that I felt I needed to air and given the time and space to share them. Ailbhe’s supervision style facilitates you being an observer of yourself, using the 7 eyed model as one example. The openness invites honesty, so you can say it as it is, provides clarity so that the truth of the matter is revealed. Then you can sit in silence with the pieces, knowing you are not alone just being – being curious, being reflective and learning from the experience so that you are leaving the chair knowing another part of you. Thank you Ailbhe for walking by my side on those paths less travelled.
Trevor Doherty

Engineering Manger (Internal coach)

The secret element to secure me as a coach

I’ve had the privilege to work with Ailbhe as my supervisor since 2013.  She is absolutely incredible both as a person and a coaching supervisor.  My life, our business, and my coaching are all stronger as a result of the help and support Ailbhe has given me.  She has a way of framing what’s happening and will call out what needs to be attended to.  She is kind, real and utterly magic!   If you are looking for a supervisor, I can’t recommend her highly enough.  It’s been the secret element to secure me as a coach.
Tom Hennessey

Executive Coach

Alive Coaching

A safe space to learn and grow as a coach

I chose to work with Ailbhe as a supervisor having trained with her as a coach. It was exactly what I expected – a safe space to learn and grow as a coach. Ailbhe’s style is natural, caring and assured. You know you are working with someone who has the skill and experience to support you in whatever challenge you are facing as a coach. Highly recommended.
Paul Smyth

Coach & Founder

Possible Coaching

Allowed me to come away with a clear plan of action and a feeling of empowerment

I have had the pleasure and privilege of having Ailbhe as my supervisor for over three years.  During every session I have felt heard and supported. No matter what the topic, Ailbhe’s compassionate way of supporting and challenging allows me to come away with a clear plan of action and a feeling of empowerment.  I cannot recommend supervision with Ailbhe highly enough for any coach
Ruth Toomey

Executive Coach

Made my group supervision experience as enjoyable as it is beneficial to my journey as a coach

Ailbhe is exceptional as a supervisor (and trainer & coach). She has an ability to deliver her advice and feedback with a simplicity that allows it to make always absolute sense. Ailbhe’s knowledge and experience means that she is in a position to offer great insight on any coaching scenario that she is presented with in our group supervision. Ailbhe also brings a lightness to her approach which has made my group supervision experience as enjoyable as it is beneficial to my journey as a coach.
John Slattery



Empathetic, Curious and Intuitive

Ailbhe Harrington combines her empathetic, curious and intuitive nature with her deep experience to get to the heart of the issue making supervision with her a truly transformative experience. I am a more confident, resourceful and self-aware coach thanks to her supportive and empowering style. She managed to keep all group participants learning as she worked individually with different members and identified parallels that helped me to overcome challenges like nobody I have ever worked with before. I have grown so much both personally and as a coach under her caring and inspiring supervision
Sinead Sheehan

Medical Coach & Facilitator

Ideal supervisor

Ailbhe is my ideal supervisor. We meet virtually on a regular basis and each time she models a sharp presence. Her insightful style really helps me get to the core issue. She is highly skilled, respectful and generous with her professional knowledge and experience
Jane Emmanuel

Executive coach

Ailbhe creates a safe and focused space for group supervision

Ailbhe creates a safe and focused space for group supervision. Creating together a group contract, to ensure clarity and boundaries. It is such a learning environment, where I feel free to share my challenges with my own coaching practice, as well as challenges with clients. Ailbhe asks questions that provide a different perspective and also such insight into different scenarios. I always take aware golden nuggets of techniques and approaches I can implement to improve my skill. Ailbhe is supportive, challenging and fun, where I always feel her intention is to aid the improvement of my coaching skills
Sinead Burke

Executive Coach