Working With Me

“If I accept you as you are I will make you worse, however, if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming I help you become that.”

_ Goethe _

Who are you capable of becoming as a leader and what support might you need?

I work with Executive Directors, C-Suite, Partners, and middle management.

My initial contact is usually through a HR Business partner and from there a chemistry meeting is organised with a potential aspiring or established leader who wants to work with a thinking partner. If we agree to work together we engage in a tri-party meeting with the coachee’s manager, when appropriate to agree the overarching purpose of the coaching. Following this we begin our 1:1 work together.

Sometimes leaders reach out to me directly and work with me separate to the organisation.

In working with mindset and behavioural change my experience has shown that 10-12 hours of coaching is a typical guide, meeting clients every 3 weeks for 90mins or 2 hourly sessions

I coach leaders to create, explore, discover and liberate themselves, so that they embody the full essence of who they are, who they are becoming, and in turn have a positive impact as a leader.

I believe that as human beings we are all on a constant journey of getting to know ourselves and increasing our self-awareness.

For me a coaching journey starts with both of us gaining clarity as to the destination you want to arrive at, what it looks like, feels like, what you will be doing, and saying. From here we create the route map and the essential pit stops along the way where we do the work needed to get to your destination, and finally we explore how I can be your best co-pilot and partner as we drive towards your destination with you at the steering wheel.

What kind of driver do you need to be to go on this journey?

  • Genuinely curious about yourself and others
  • Motivated, ready and committed to yourself, and who you aspire to become
  • Open to creative coaching techniques which enable self-reflection, insight, unlearning and new learning
  • A willingness to be courageous and vulnerable so that you can seek feedback, sow seeds, grow and blossom as a leader

What I bring to the journey as your co-pilot and partner

  • An attitude of curiosity, acceptance, encouragement and fun, yet totally focused on the destination that you want to arrive at
  • A capacity to support and challenge you to develop new perspectives, responsibility, awareness and choices so that you can generate increased effectiveness in your operating environment
  • Many different models and creative coaching tools that can support you to move towards the being and doing that is necessary to be a respected leader

What do I offer?

Executive Coaching

Coach Supervision

Coach Training

Positive Intelligence


Accreditations & Awards