What our clients say

Attending the Aspire Coach training program was one of the most impactful experiences of my life! recognise that this is a ‘big” statement to make, but it is made with absolute authenticity!

Originally, I signed up to the program with the intention/aspiration of acquiring the necessary technical capability, skills and knowledge to become an effective and “successful’ professional Coach® On this front, the program fully delivers!! But little did know how much more was to be given; I continually learned more and more about myself and though challenging and emotional at times, resulted in my growing into being me’ an on-going process! I can only thank Ailbhe, Stephen, Connie Liisa, Eileen and their amazing colleagues for this wonderful gift; the course content, but perhaps more importantly, the style delivery and safe space curated made for a truly unique learning and development experience. would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering moving into the Coaching arena (in whatever guise) or indeed, just exploring this space, to connect with Ailbhe/Aspire Coaching you won’t regret it!

Lesley Murray

CHR Coaching & HR Consultants