What our clients say

Aspire, the very meaning, directing one’s hopes or ambitions towards meaningful achievements. Aspire Coach Training has been the game changer in my life over the last six months, in my thoughts, my reflections, and my self-awareness which has enabled me to probe, interrogate and challenge my own experiences as I talk, think and write them down like never before This person-centric approach, the humanistic presence, the futuristic concept has allowed sensitivity, care and safety whilst I worked towards the path to what see as permanent change for me. This empowering experience has allowed me to believe in myself, stepping forward empowered and trusting that am an expert of my own self but also trusting myself to instil this belief In everyone I meet In my new coaching world.

Authenticity, honesty, integrity, trust, vulnerability, empathy, respect and curiosity are all part of the coaching process working in partnership with those you will coach along your path. I am immersed in this now and want to continue to learn and grow, this is the art of possibility. I would encourage anyone who is willing to learn more about themselves in a deep and meaningful way and to help others to do the same to take up the Aspire Coach Training course As a Health Care Professional and Director of Nursing Services this course is without exception the best course I have encountered in my long career.”

I would like to pay tribute to Ailbhe and also to her supportive team for all their expertise, encouragement and support along this journey, to congratulate them on what is a truly inspirational experience.’

Karen Forristal

Director of Nursing Marie Keating Foundation