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My coaching sessions have enabled me to develop my leadership skills

I became aware of the benefits of coaching through a leadership training programme and subsequently engaged with Ailbhe. Coaching is so powerful and Ailbhe is excellent with the way she develops your thinking to enable you to formulate the options and evaluate and select the most appropriate action. My coaching sessions have enabled me to develop my leadership skills and ultimately everyone else in the business such that Promed was awarded the Best Small Workplace in 2015 and there is no doubt Ailbhe’s coaching played a big part in enabling me to support the team in earning this award
Colin Denman

Managing Director


The learning’s/improvements are sustainable

Stepping out of day to day activities is a challenge at the best of times. However from a short investment in time I reaped the benefits from coaching with Ailbhe. In a safe, but challenging environment, I worked on behavioural areas key to a successful career ahead. The learning’s/improvements are sustainable with the ability to grow & flex whatever the working/home environment I find myself in. Thank you Ailbhe

Sales Director

Pharma Industry

Ailbhe is a masterful trainer and intuitive leader

This course has not only massively impacted my career and relationships, it’s completely changed my life! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their people and team skills as well as for those wishing to learn more about themselves and improve their relationships with others. Ailbhe is a masterful trainer and intuitive leader wholly focused on the highest of standards for her field and for those in her care.
Liisa Rodriguez


It has given me a very different view of the power of coaching

If you are a manager, a parent or just someone who wants to get to know yourself a little bit better this may be the perfect course for you. I recently completed a Coaching Development Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills course with Ailbhe Harrington and her team in Coaching Development. I choose the course over a number of other high profile coaching courses based on the recommendations I received from a broad cross section of executives in my professional network and I am so happy that I did. The learning experience was challenging but at all times enjoyable and the outcomes surpassed my expectations. The benefits continue to come through both in my professional and family life and it has given me a very different view of the power of coaching both for our own development and for those around us
Maurice Carr


BDO Recruitment

Her supervision has always evoked new learning

‘Ailbhe is the best in the business, professional, kind and empathetic, her supervision has always evoked new learning and greather depth of awareness of my coaching skills and has strengthened my practice.
Róisín Monaghan

Professional Coach & Senior Executive Administrator in University sector (Internal coach)

An exceptional experience

Coaching for me was an opportunity to look at the way forward in a time of an unexpected big change. The work with Ailbhe helped me to ground myself, see the potentials in the new context and learn how to best use my internal gifts and skills for growth. I found the work with her an exceptional experience that enabled me to see, appreciate and nurture my personal capabilities, look at each situation from another perspective, and look forward with confidence, and sense of being an unique contributor. The work with Ailbhe had a valuable impact on who I have grown to be in the past year. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a professional, committed and understanding coach.
Rahiela Mustafovska

Senior Program Analyst

Open Society Foundations

An opportunity to invest in myself

Coaching for me was an opportunity to invest in myself. When asked by friends and colleagues it is the thing I recommend if you want to get the most out of yourself particularly if you are in a leadership role or aspire to be. Coaching gave me clarity on where I was going and allowed me to focus on areas where I needed to develop. It has helped me be both happier and more effective in my role. Ailbhe was fantastic to work with. From day one she understood what I wanted to achieve and worked with me to make that a reality. She’s a truly inspiring coach who I have since recommended to colleagues
Breon Byrne

Head of Trading

Susquehanna Int. Group Dublin

Allowed me to come away with a clear plan of action and a feeling of empowerment

I have had the pleasure and privilege of having Ailbhe as my supervisor for over three years.  During every session I have felt heard and supported. No matter what the topic, Ailbhe’s compassionate way of supporting and challenging allows me to come away with a clear plan of action and a feeling of empowerment.  I cannot recommend supervision with Ailbhe highly enough for any coach
Ruth Toomey

Executive Coach

The best investment I have ever made

This was the best investment I have ever made in my own personal development, it’s life changing! Ailbhe has the power to create a wonderful special space with like minded people all on a journey not only developing as coaches but discovering such wonderful insight into ourselves, equipped with a whole new set of life skills.”

Connie Merrick Coaching

Attending the Aspire Coach training program was one of the most impactful experiences of my life! recognise that this is a ‘big” statement to make, but it is made with absolute authenticity! Originally, I signed up to the program with the intention/aspiration of acquiring the necessary technical capability, skills and knowledge to become an effective and “successful’ professional Coach® On this front, the program fully delivers!! But little did know how much more was to be given; I continually learned more and more about myself and though challenging and emotional at times, resulted in my growing into being me’ an on-going process! I can only thank Ailbhe, Stephen, Connie Liisa, Eileen and their amazing colleagues for this wonderful gift; the course content, but perhaps more importantly, the style delivery and safe space curated made for a truly unique learning and development experience. would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering moving into the Coaching arena (in whatever guise) or indeed, just exploring this space, to connect with Ailbhe/Aspire Coaching you won’t regret it!
Lesley Murray

CHR Coaching & HR Consultants

A masterclass in experiential learning

If you want to become an authentic, confident and skilful coach this is the only course to do. It is a masterclass in experiential learning which engrains coaching skills in your thinking and behaviour, and will benefit all aspects of your life. The programme content is excellent and is navigated by the exceptional trainer Ailbhe and a team of mentors. I would recommend everyone gives themselves this gift and completes the programme
Róisín Monaghan

Senior Executive Administrator

University of Limerick

Signing up to the Aspire coach training course has been one of the best business decisions have made. With the expert level of knowledge and experience both Ailbhe and Stephen have, you are confidently led through the process. There is perfect balance in the support and challenge that facilitates both personal growth and evokes awareness. would recommend this course 100%
Brian Durnin

Co Founder & MD Duhube Associates Ltd

Ailbhe rates amongst the very best coaches and facilitators

Harmonics are extremely fortunate to have been able to avail of Ailbhe’s services, over the course of the past 10 years or so, to provide best in class Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programmes to our clients. Ailbhe brings a depth of knowledge, coaching expertise and creativity to her programmes which make for a truly memorable and learning coaching experience for clients she works with, wherever they may be on their leadership journey. Very simply, Ailbhe, rates amongst the very best coaches and facilitators we have worked with and feedback from our clients and programme participants, which is always hugely positive, is testament to this.
Fiachra Driscol


General Manager

Ailbhe has enabled me to sustain this new way of working

Under Ailbhe’s expert coaching we created a work-plan to explore aspects of my leadership ability that I had not developed in the past. This was not just talking about leadership; this was an active, engaged, customised process with practical exercises which gave me insight into my preferences and which built on my strengths. More than that, Ailbhe has enabled me to sustain this new way of working. Don’t hesitate. Go see Ailbhe
Kathryn Neville

College Manager

College of Medicine & Health, UCC

The most thorough and fulfilling training/learning I have ever participated in!

The most thorough and fulfilling training/learning I have ever participated in!
Karen Hayes

Karen Hayes Coaching

A very safe environment encouraging open and honest exchange and mutual learning

Ailbhe has been my coaching supervisor for a number of years and I genuinely look forward to our sessions which always add real value to my personal development in addition to my coaching practice. Ailbhe takes a wholistic approach and creates a very safe environment encouraging open and honest exchange and mutual learning. I always come away from our sessions with new insights and ideas
Maria Cronin

Wilmount Consulting

A safe space to learn and grow as a coach

I chose to work with Ailbhe as a supervisor having trained with her as a coach. It was exactly what I expected – a safe space to learn and grow as a coach. Ailbhe’s style is natural, caring and assured. You know you are working with someone who has the skill and experience to support you in whatever challenge you are facing as a coach. Highly recommended.
Paul Smyth

Coach & Founder

Possible Coaching

Ailbhe creates a safe and focused space for group supervision

Ailbhe creates a safe and focused space for group supervision. Creating together a group contract, to ensure clarity and boundaries. It is such a learning environment, where I feel free to share my challenges with my own coaching practice, as well as challenges with clients. Ailbhe asks questions that provide a different perspective and also such insight into different scenarios. I always take aware golden nuggets of techniques and approaches I can implement to improve my skill. Ailbhe is supportive, challenging and fun, where I always feel her intention is to aid the improvement of my coaching skills
Sinead Burke

Executive Coach

Very insightful, helpful and challenging in equal measure

I find my supervision sessions with Ailbhe to be invigorating. She has a calm focused approach which adheres to the discipline of strong supervision but also allows the client the freedom to explore the subject matter from a variety of perspectives. She is very insightful, helpful and challenging in equal measure
Paddy Barr

Managing Partner

Barr Performance Coaching

I found the process extremely rewarding

I was lucky enough to be offered executive coaching with Alibhe and I found the process extremely rewarding. Ailbhe is a very warm and insightful person who is very easy to relate to. Her skill and talent is her ability to ask questions which cause the coachee to pause and reflect and help them arrive at an answer which hadn’t previously been obvious to them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ailbhe as a coach.
Fran Woods

Head of Finance

Susquehanna Int. Group

Ailbhe gave me the tools to succeed

Ailbhe was my executive coach for nearly 6 months. My coaching sessions came at a point in time where I was at a crossroads in both my professional and personal life. Ailbhe immediately gained my trust by demonstrating that she wanted the best for me not just from a work perspective but also form a personal perspective. Ailbhe has the ability to ask powerful, probing questions that helped me to identify my core values, my strengths and to understand what drives me. Ailbhe gave me the tools to succeed in the demanding and fast paced work environment of the tech industry and ultimately Ailbhe’s guidance helped me to make the right decisions for my future
Selene Kinahan

Director Global Business Operations


She has empowered me with the tools and techniques to better manage myself

I have worked with Ailbhe over the past 3 years at different points in my career. I connected with Ailbhe immediately finding her empathetic, warm and open. Ailbhe has helped me manage and lead through a range of situations, both professional and personally. Most importantly, she has empowered me with the tools and techniques to better manage myself, to clarify my goals, and to accelerate my growth. I love working with Ailbhe and look forward to our sessions. I’m more confident, assertive and happy as a result of our partnership. To anyone wondering if coaching is for them – Do it! It’s the most beneficial and transformative thing you can do for yourself, your career and your life.
Karen Church

Senior Director

Research & Data Science, Intercom

Ideal supervisor

Ailbhe is my ideal supervisor. We meet virtually on a regular basis and each time she models a sharp presence. Her insightful style really helps me get to the core issue. She is highly skilled, respectful and generous with her professional knowledge and experience
Jane Emmanuel

Executive coach

I have sought out Ailbhe on a number of occasions throughout my career.

I have sought out Ailbhe on a number of occasions throughout my career. The tangible results being a promotion, improved performance, a mindset of Daring to Lead and becoming a Self-Aware Leader. I still smile to myself as I recall a  session with Ailbhe, when I went in with post it’s to explore a keynote seminar that I had been invited to present at, and what I came out with was so much more!  I had learned a whole new level of self-awareness, knowing when I am speaking from my head and when I am speaking from my heart. This awareness of self was so powerful that it changed how I presented, less PowerPoints and more flip charts. Enabling me to connect with people at a different level and for me to get out of my own way and give a wholehearted presentation.
Trevor Doherty

Associate Director MPS(Business/Operational Excellence) | MPSDepartment

MSD Ireland (Carlow) Ltd.

A wonderful enlightening journey of self-reflection

As part of my professional self-development I decided to engage in a program of professional coaching. I was drawn to Ailbhe’s warm and friendly nature, and I was struck by her approach to ensure that I felt very comfortable with the coach I chose to work with. My experience over the course of our sessions was a wonderful enlightening journey of self-reflection where Ailbhe’s curiosity facilitated a growth in confidence and an increased effectiveness in my professional career
Colette Ryan

Senior Director

Supply Chain Alkermes Pharma Ireland Limited

Provides clarity so that the truth of the matter is revealed

I attend group supervision with Ailbhe where I valued the opportunity to bring any concerns that I felt I needed to air and given the time and space to share them. Ailbhe’s supervision style facilitates you being an observer of yourself, using the 7 eyed model as one example. The openness invites honesty, so you can say it as it is, provides clarity so that the truth of the matter is revealed. Then you can sit in silence with the pieces, knowing you are not alone just being – being curious, being reflective and learning from the experience so that you are leaving the chair knowing another part of you. Thank you Ailbhe for walking by my side on those paths less travelled.
Trevor Doherty

Engineering Manger (Internal coach)

My personal experience with Ailbhe has been transformational. Ailbhe created a safe space within which I could be vulnerable and deeply explore the learned behaviours and thinking habits that had been holding me back from accessing deeper levels of potential and happiness. Ailbhe is a true coach carefully probing questions that lead to deeper awareness and clarity. The skills, resources, and tools that I developed during my time working with Ailbhe are the single most important resources I rely on daily in leading myself and leading my team. Our work together has not just enhanced my professional life but also my personal life and relationships with those closest to me. For anyone seriously looking to create positive change in their lives, I could not recommend Ailbhe highly enough.
Denis Ahern



Ailbhe, Stephen and the team walk the talk. They have devised a really wonderful programme and environment for anyone exploring the path to becoming a professional coach. have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the safe and authentic space they have created for me to learn coaching skills and to begin putting them into practice – I have also learnt a lot about myself in the process. A great experience of personal growth and transformation for me in the process of learning how to offer this to others
Fintan Supple

Therapist/Professional and Executive Coach

Aspire, the very meaning, directing one’s hopes or ambitions towards meaningful achievements. Aspire Coach Training has been the game changer in my life over the last six months, in my thoughts, my reflections, and my self-awareness which has enabled me to probe, interrogate and challenge my own experiences as I talk, think and write them down like never before This person-centric approach, the humanistic presence, the futuristic concept has allowed sensitivity, care and safety whilst I worked towards the path to what see as permanent change for me. This empowering experience has allowed me to believe in myself, stepping forward empowered and trusting that am an expert of my own self but also trusting myself to instil this belief In everyone I meet In my new coaching world. Authenticity, honesty, integrity, trust, vulnerability, empathy, respect and curiosity are all part of the coaching process working in partnership with those you will coach along your path. I am immersed in this now and want to continue to learn and grow, this is the art of possibility. I would encourage anyone who is willing to learn more about themselves in a deep and meaningful way and to help others to do the same to take up the Aspire Coach Training course As a Health Care Professional and Director of Nursing Services this course is without exception the best course I have encountered in my long career.” I would like to pay tribute to Ailbhe and also to her supportive team for all their expertise, encouragement and support along this journey, to congratulate them on what is a truly inspirational experience.’
Karen Forristal

Director of Nursing Marie Keating Foundation

Transformational at both a personal and professional level

My experience of undertaking the Coaching Development programme is best described as transformational at both a personal and professional level. The programme has transformed my worldview of what I want in my life and has equipped me with the skill set and competence to be an effective coach.  My learning was greatly augmented by the experiential and interactive nature of the programme within a safe and non-judgemental environment, carefully crafted by a skilled facilitator, Ailbhe Harrington.  Through this programme, I have come to realise that I am the creator of my own destiny; a philosophy I now bring to my coaching practice.
Eileen Savage

PhD, MEd, BNS, RCN, RGN | Professor and Vice Dean of Graduate Studies in Medicine and Health

University College Cork

Empathetic, Curious and Intuitive

Ailbhe Harrington combines her empathetic, curious and intuitive nature with her deep experience to get to the heart of the issue making supervision with her a truly transformative experience. I am a more confident, resourceful and self-aware coach thanks to her supportive and empowering style. She managed to keep all group participants learning as she worked individually with different members and identified parallels that helped me to overcome challenges like nobody I have ever worked with before. I have grown so much both personally and as a coach under her caring and inspiring supervision
Sinead Sheehan

Medical Coach & Facilitator

Made my group supervision experience as enjoyable as it is beneficial to my journey as a coach

Ailbhe is exceptional as a supervisor (and trainer & coach). She has an ability to deliver her advice and feedback with a simplicity that allows it to make always absolute sense. Ailbhe’s knowledge and experience means that she is in a position to offer great insight on any coaching scenario that she is presented with in our group supervision. Ailbhe also brings a lightness to her approach which has made my group supervision experience as enjoyable as it is beneficial to my journey as a coach.
John Slattery



Someone I could trust and with her guidance

As a first time coachee I didn’t know what to expect and I started to work with Ailbhe at a time in my career when I felt stuck and uncertain about how to break out of a shape I’d moulded myself into. It was clear to me from the outset that Ailbhe was someone I could trust and with her guidance I was able to explore my strengths, find my voice and break the mould. Through my coaching program I have learned more about myself, and I’ve gained an invaluable insight into how to see the world through someone elses eyes. I move forward now with more courage and confidence.
Anne Hannigan

Director of Critical Accounts Europe


An excellent supervisor

Ailbhe is an excellent supervisor. Her ability to uncover the heart of an issue while combining practical resources to move forward makes her sessions very powerful. Her embodied approach and her use of the here and now brings depth and meaning to the quality of her work that leads to lasting results
Colette Cahalane

Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Has exceeded my expectations the most

Throughout my career, I have attended numerous international certification and diploma-level professional courses. Training as a coach with Coaching Development in Ireland has by far been the one, which has exceeded my expectations the most; both in terms of professional as well as personal development. The diversity and professional seniority level of the participants constitute an impressive peer group to learn from Ailbhe, as well her team of mentors, offer impeccable theoretical knowledge complemented by extensive real life coaching experience. Travelling monthly from Spain to Ireland, in order to attend the course, was a token price to pay for a truly transforming experience and I will cherish the knowledge I have gained and the friends I have made for the rest of my life
Jens Kleis Frederiksen

Managing Director

William Hill Spain

If I had the opportunity to do this again I would jump at it!

I was lucky enough to have been assigned Ailbhe who really helped me as a coach by listening, by challenging me to achieve my full potential. I opened up to her easily and soon it was not just work related issues but also my whole self-efficacy as an individual that we were working on. Where I am now to where I was before I started is immeasurable. Everything I learned I utilize in some way every day in both my working and personal life. Most importantly she taught me that the resources an individual needs in order to effect change are already within them, and just need to be unlocked. If I had the opportunity to do this again I would jump at it!
Ruth Proffitt

CS Team Manager


Ailbhe helped me to re-evaluate my priorities

I found Ailbhe’s style of coaching to be very supportive and personal. She helped create a very safe, comfortable and supportive environment in which we explored the issues and challenges that I faced. Through the use of awareness raising, self-reflections and various different techniques, Ailbhe helped me to re-evaluate my priorities and to put actions in place to ensure that my priorities were met

Public Servant

I was unprepared for the incredible journey of self-awareness that followed

My decision to attend this Professional Coaching Programme, with Ailbhe, was based on a recommendation, from a work colleague, that it would be ‘life-changing’. I had no inkling of how life-changing it would be and I was unprepared for the incredible journey of self-awareness that followed. If I happen never to attend another learning and development programme, I will be eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to complete this on
Seán Feeney

Professional Coach and Director

Supply Chain at Alkermes Pharma Ireland Ltd

The secret element to secure me as a coach

I’ve had the privilege to work with Ailbhe as my supervisor since 2013.  She is absolutely incredible both as a person and a coaching supervisor.  My life, our business, and my coaching are all stronger as a result of the help and support Ailbhe has given me.  She has a way of framing what’s happening and will call out what needs to be attended to.  She is kind, real and utterly magic!   If you are looking for a supervisor, I can’t recommend her highly enough.  It’s been the secret element to secure me as a coach.
Tom Hennessey

Executive Coach

Alive Coaching